Tackling Online Fundraising

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Fundraising has always been difficult for non-profit organizations and now the pandemic has just worsened the situation. It is difficult to host in-person fundraising events when people should be staying home and as a result, it is hard to spread the word about the organization. That being said, however, there are several ways organizations can raise funds without hosting in-person events!

Online Talent Show

People are always looking for ways to entertain themselves, so what could be a better way to do this than a talent show? A talent show is something that offers the same value whether it is in person or online. One way to organize this is to hold auditions where interested participants can send in videos showcasing their talent. If you want to be more inclusive, however, you can open it up to whoever wants to participate. For instance, there is a lot of incentive for younger people, such as high-school or college students, to participate because they may want to build their resume (winning a talent show displays a lot of promise!). Charge an admission fee and you will automatically have a sizable audience due to the participants’ families and friends and the people they talk to about the talent show!

Video Games

Another excellent way to fundraise is to host a gaming tournament. Video games have always been popular, but they have been picking up popularity due to the pandemic and people wanting to keep themselves occupied. There are several online multiplayer games where people do not necessarily have to be sitting right next to each other to play. Some examples include Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, etc. People can sign up for times to play and whoever wants to watch them can for a fee. Not only that, but there can be certain contests within the games that people can donate towards which will generate a lot of excitement among competitors and viewers alike.

Trivia Night

As much as people love to be entertained, they also love competing, especially if prizes are involved. First, you have to compile interesting trivia categories that would be appealing to wide audiences (cinema, food, sports, mythology, etc) and corresponding questions. Then, to market the event, it is important to emphasize the prize people could win. Perhaps it is a raffle with assorted items, gift cards, or a cash prize. People would have to pay an admission fee in order to play and all of the fees should be much greater than the cost of the prize so that you actually gain funds. Then, let everyone battle it out!

The online realm is so important to explore in terms of fundraising. Even if the pandemic were not happening, organizations should still look towards hosting online events because it can save so much money. There is no need to potentially have to book a venue, purchase food and beverages, and pay for any other setup costs. On the other hand, if an organization is able to set up such online events during the pandemic, they may also be able to raise enough money to have in-person events once it is safe to do so and people are willing. Organizations can also conduct hybrid events to cater to people who want to come in person and those who would rather join online; the possibilities are endless. Happy fundraising!



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