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2 min readJun 23, 2021


On a tight budget? Supporting your favorite causes is often difficult when you’re strapped for cash. However, at Higher Rewards, we prioritize charitable solutions that are passive, and accessible for anyone who wants to give. Here are our five recommendations for giving back, without draining your bank account.

Watch Youtube

Donating to a cause you are passionate about can be as simple as watching YouTube with your ad blockers off. Many content creators publish “watch to donate” videos, that allow viewers to support a cause without leaving their house or spending a dime. The trend first began when Zoe Amira, a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, published a monetized video showcasing the work of Black artists in support of the BLM movement. By watching the video without skipping ads and with the volume on, Amira’s viewers generated $45,429 in AdSense, which was donated to the Bail Project, a nonprofit that combats mass incarceration by paying bail for those unable to do so.

Volunteer your time

If you’re unable to monetarily support an organization, you can still give back with your time. In 2019, it’s estimated that volunteers contributed $203.4 billion to nonprofit organizations across America. Volunteer opportunities can be easily found through database sites, such as VolunteerMatch.

Repost and Retweet

Another effective way to support a nonprofit organization is to raise awareness through your personal social media account. Through collective action, a simple repost can have a transformative effect.

If you’d like to take your action a step further, consider creating a Linktree populated with resources related to your cause. Additionally, developing a consistent posting schedule can ensure that your audience is consistently exposed to the organization you are passionate about.

Furthermore, creating a strong social media presence can benefit nonprofit organizations themselves. Check out this article for more information on improving an organization’s online influence.

Donate Your Stuff

Instead of tossing your quarantine closet cleanout, consider donating your gently used items to a charity of your choice. In addition to supporting a cause or organization you’re passionate about, you’ll also be eliminating landfill waste.

Before the pandemic, many organizations, such as the Salvation Army, offered pick-up services for donated goods. However, donating goods can still be easy: you can use donation bin finders online to locate the closest bin to you.

Use a Charity Credit Card

Using a credit card that supports an organization of your choice ensures that part of your purchases will directly benefit your cause. Higher Rewards offers customers a credit card that donates 2% of the value of their purchases back to your organization. With no annual, registration or sign-up fees, Higher Rewards gives 100% of your donation back to your organization. You can learn more about Higher Rewards here.



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